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Great News...Bookends Festival Fringe  will run in the week following Bookends Festival 2017. From Monday 2nd October The Reading Room will be open to schools and nurseries in the daytime and for everyone from 3.30 - 6.30pm so you can enjoy the ambiance and the books for another full week!

On Monday 2nd October Shamanic Workshop with Heather Craig 7pm

begins the Bookends Fringe with an evening of   Shamanic practice  .....it is a beautiful way of communicating with the spirit world using ancient traditions and ceremony, which is so important for us today. We know that spending time in nature helps us to feel more relaxed, but we can also learn to tune more deeply into nature and the natural world which enriches our lives with greater depth and understanding. Finding this connection with our natural environment and shifting our perception, takes us on a ‘journey’ where we can find our own personal power animals and helping spirits to guide us through life. Experiencing the connection of ‘coming into circle’ and the transformation created by the sound of the drum… is a wonderful opportunity to see if this beautiful, gentle practice is for you…

Entry by donation

Tuesday 3rd October  7pm    Sheila Quillan


Throughout  Bookends you'll be invited to leave a handprint on a specially prepared Bookends Blanket which Sheila will transform into a reading wrap. Join her on Tue 3rd Oct at 7pm for a performance piece which explores the beauty, versatility and possiblilities within everyone's hands. Join in the discussion on where the wrap will travel to first as part of a planned global excursion.

Wednesday 4th October 7.30pm is European board games night

with Nicholas Holliday


" I have games in my collection which range in suitability from 8+ years, to 14+ years. and range in player numbers from 2 to over 30!"

Eurogames are playable in under 2 hours, have simple rules, don't involve luck, have a theme running through the game  which encourages players to work together. Games which gamers use to introduce newcomers to the hobby have become known as `Gateway games`, the classic of which is Ticket to Ride, which has sold around 6 million copies.

Come and try these games which are sweeping across Europe and will transform the way you think about board games for ever. Suitable for ages 8+ and adults. Entry by donation. 


On  Thursday 5th October at 10.30am and 7pm Mairi Stones from Change Is Always Possible will be showing the film Tomorrow, an uplifting film about finding solutions to the problems faced by our planet. Entry by donation.


FRIDAY 6th October at 7.30pm sees the finale of The Bookends Fringe in the company of 

Grumpy Old Men..The Campbell's are Coming.

Russell Campbell on one of his better days!

Three old worthies...Campbell Munro, local Pict and retail supremo....Campbell Cameron, Oban FM and retired councillor with Russell Campbell, author, cartoonist and son of Taynuilt.... have a good moan about the state of the planet and how it was much better in the old days. They'll share stories of how Benderloch and surrounds really was the centre of the universe in the 1960s and how it's high time we all got our act together! Be ready for some laughs, some straight talking and the chance to see some local eccentrics let fly at the world. Audience participation is expected.

Entry by donation. Bar opens at 7pm.



The fringe is in response to the reaction we had from the many visitors to Bookends last year. So many had enjoyed their visits to the Reading Room that we couldn't face taking it all away...so...here it is...enjoy!

Phone: 01631 720247

@BookendsfestivalBenderloch     or

Email: joycameron57@hotmail.com

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