Shamanic practice  .....a beautiful way of communicating with the spirit world using ancient traditions and ceremony, which is so important for us today. We know that spending time in nature helps us to feel more relaxed, but we can also learn to tune more deeply into nature and the natural world which enriches our lives with greater depth and understanding. Finding this connection with our natural environment and shifting our perception, takes us on a ‘journey’ where we can find our own personal power animals and helping spirits to guide us through life. Experiencing the connection of ‘coming into circle’ and the transformation created by the sound of the drum… is a wonderful opportunity to see if this beautiful, gentle practice is for you…


Throughout  Bookends visitors were invited to leave a handprint on a specially prepared Bookends Blanket which Sheila transformed into a reading wrap. On Tue 3rd Oct Sheila lead a performance piece which explored the beauty, versatility and possiblilities within everyone's hands. 


Wednesday 4th October  was European board games night

with Nicholas Holliday.


I have games in my collection which range in suitability from 8+ years, to 14+ years. and range in player numbers from 2 to over 30!

Eurogames are playable in under 2 hours, have simple rules, don't involve luck, have a theme running through the game  which encourages players to work together. Games which gamers use to introduce newcomers to the hobby have become known as `Gateway games`, the classic of which is Ticket to Ride, which has sold around 6 million copies.



On  Thursday 5th October Mairi Stones from Change Is Always Possible, showed the film Tomorrow, an uplifting film about finding solutions to the problems faced by our planet. 


FRIDAY 6th October at 7.30pm was the finale of The Bookends Fringe in the company of 

Grumpy Old Men..The Campbell's are Coming.

Russell Campbell on one of his better days!

Three old worthies...Campbell Munro, local Pict and retail supremo....Campbell Cameron, Oban FM and retired councillor with Russell Campbell, author, cartoonist and son of Taynuilt.... had a good moan about the state of the planet and how it was much better in the old days. They shared stories of how Benderloch and surrounds really was the centre of the universe in the 1960s and how it's high time we all got our act together!



Bookends Festival Fringe ran in the week following Bookends Festival 2017. On Monday 2nd October The Reading Room was open to schools and nurseries in the daytime and for everyone from 3.30 - 6.30pm so they could enjoy the ambiance and the books for another full week!

On Monday 2nd October  we had a Shamanic Workshop with Heather Craig. 

The fringe is in response to the reaction we had from the many visitors to Bookends last year. So many had enjoyed their visits to the Reading Room that we couldn't face taking it all away!


Bookends Festival 2017 - 23 September - 30 September 2017 - Victory Hall, Benderloch, Argyll And Bute, PA37 1RZ, United Kingdom


Saturday 23rd September 3.30pm

Storytelling sessions with Storyteller Patsy Dyer.
This event was sponsored by The Eriska Hotel and Spa.

3.30 session  suitable for adults with young children  Free event

4.45 session suitable for all adults and older children Free event



George Street Oban 01631 562905
Sunday 24th Sept: The Help ( Silver Screening) The Shipping News
Monday  25th Sept: Dead Poet's Society
Please contact Oban Phoenix directly for times and prices.

Tuesday 26th September 11am.

Local nursery and Primary schools are invited to come and sing and hear a story with BOOKBUG and friends. Free event.

Tuesday 26th Sept 7.30pm.   Bar opens 7pm.

Open mic night for local writers and performers. Jamie Livingstone, poet, hosts a night of entertainment. If you've been writing and would like to share on the night then contact Jamie on 07754 825215 or on wurdplaywriting@gmail.com . We'd love to hear what you have to say.
Entry by donation.

Theatre from Graham Alexander and Sarah Palmer

Wednesday 27th Sept 7.30pm 
A charity production in aid of Home-Start Lorn.
A World Beyond Man charts the extraordinary true story of navigator, Valerian Albanov's 235 mile journey across the arctic ice in search of rescue. A badly planned expedition led to the Russian hunting ship Saint Anna getting locked in the polar ice of the Kara Sea , 100 years ago.

Entry by donation.


Thursday 28th September 7.30pm
Get creative with Jennifer Shaw, artist, and produce your own bespoke bookmark using the art of Lino cutting.

Friday 29th September 7pm

Top-notch quiz master from Glasgow, Mr Craig Munro, brings us an evening of brain tingling questions and humour.


£2 per person, teams of up to 6. BAR OPENS 7pm, first question...7.30prompt



Adam Ardrey.

Adam Ardrey: Adam has written extensively about Merlin and King Arthur. He is the author of Finding Merlin: The Truth Behind the Legend of the Great Arthurian Mage. Adam joins us on Saturday 23rd September at 7.30pm to read from his other novel Finding Arthur: The True Origins of The Once and Future King. Prepare to be dazzled by Adam's recounting of a story we think we are all familiar with but which may well surprise you. Arthur didn't only leave his mark in Scotland, he made an impact in Benderloch too. 

Adam is a scholar, attorney and writer.

Tickets £8          Bar opens 7pm

This author was sponsored by The Lochnell Arms Hotel, North Connel.

Kathleen Anderson.

Kathleen Anderson: Kathleen's book, Sweaty Hugs, explores how free fitness is changing lives. Covering everything from mental health to community building, homesickness to belonging, it will make you laugh, cry and inspire you to get your trainers on and find some free fitness.

Kathleen joins us on Sunday 24th September  at 2pm               Tickets £8

This author was sponsored by Outside Edge, Oban.

Lindsay Campbell.

Lindsay Campbell: Lindsay is best known for her book Ane Compact of Villany: The History of Argyll's Outlawed Gang, which sheds light on a turbulent and colourful period of Scottish history, closely examining the politics and social structure of 17th-century Argyll.

Lindsay reads from her book and will give us a snippet or two from her forthcoming book which details more acts of crime, one at least, which happened a little too close for comfort to The Reading Room!

Join Lindsay Campbell on Saturday 30th September at 2 pm.

Tickets £8

This author was sponsored by Perle Hotel, Oban.

Graeme H. Pagan.

Graeme H. Pagan: Graeme is the author of the book Once Bitten, Twice Fined. This lively book is an account of Graeme's encounters and experiences in over forty years of legal practice in Oban.Graeme will read from his, often hilarious, memoirs and will be joined by Alison Pringle with whom he co-wrote Don't Mention The Coal Scuttle a book about dealing with bereavement. He and Alison will explain how and why this book came about and how it has helped them and countless others deal with the loss of a loved one."Don't be put off by the subject matter," says Graeme, "you'd be surprised by how much humour there is in the situation AND the book!"

Graeme and Alison close the festival on Saturday 30th September at 7.30pm

Tickets £8                  Bar opens 7pm

This author was sponsored by Fusion Marine, Barcaldine.

Bookends Festival,


Victory Hall, Benderloch,

Argyll, PA37 1RZ.