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Judy Fairbairns.

Judy Fairbairns is the author of Island Wife, which tells the story of Judy, who, at 19, met her Wild Pioneer. He whisked her off into an adventure, a marriage of forty years, and a life on a remote Hebridean island. Judy tells her story in a clear and unique voice, in turns funny, unforgettable and intensely moving.

I thought I was coming to talk to a little audience in a little village hall...WOW ...was I wrong. This is a very special festival, a great vibe and it'll just grow and grow.

- Judy  Fairbairns 

Norman Bissell.

Norman Bissell writes poetry, essays and reviews which have been widely published in literary journals, books and newspapers such as The Scotsman and the Scottish island poetry anthology These Islands, We Sing.

Kenneth Steven.

Kenneth Steven is a highly successful poet, writer and broadcaster, featuring regularly on national radio. His BBC Radio 4 documentary on the island of St Kilda won him a prestigious Sony Award.

Russell Campbell.

Russell has written for both The Herald and the Scotsman, and has also contributed to the (Glasgow) Evening Times. He has written two novels; Movers and Shirkers and Fool Me, Fool You.


Your festival has gone down a storm and proves you guys really do Make IT Happen.

- Russell Campbell

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