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The Reading Room is open to everyone each day throughout the festival week from 11am - 6.30pm.
Schools and nurseries are welcome to use the Reading Room each week; please do  let us know when you plan to visit so we can make sure there is enough room to accommodate you.




It's like being at home...but better!  - Kim O


Being in The Reading Room is like stepping into a Katie Morag storybook, It makes you feel so warm and safe.

- Alison M.



Very impressed by the warm and welcoming reading room. Look forward to the talks tomorrow. Hope to see this repeated again. Best afternoon of my week, perhaps my month!

- Anna

Brilliant, my kids and myself loved it...could have spent all day welcoming.

 - Cynthia

Sorry we didn't discover this earlier in the week. Great stuff please do it again.

- Jean and Gail

Excellent "hygge" - welcoming and friendly.

- M. Scott

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